Professional Development Topics

Customized to 1 - 2 hours, ½ Day or Full Day Session(s)
COVID-19 Impact – Currently all sessions are ONLY delivered on-line
All Sessions are Interactive, Engage Participants while Presenting:

  1. Working Remotely – Optimizing Individual and Teamwork while working virtually
  2. Leverage COVID-19 Lessons Learned – Creating Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption Plans
  3. Project Management 101 – Part 1: The ‘must have' Fundamentals!
  4. Project Management – Part 2: A necessary business skill
  5. Running Effective Meetings – Robert's Rules of Order
  6. Financial Management Basics: Best Practices for groups, boards and non-profits
  7. Strategic Planning Basics – Part 1: What it is and why it is important
  8. Strategic Planning Basics – Part 2: Building goals, objectives and measurements
  9. Business Writing Fundamentals
  10. Communication – Part 1: Fundamentals
  11. Communication – Part 2: Stakeholder Engagement
  12. Authentic Customer Service!
  13. Skills for Effective Presentation and Facilitation
  14. Making the most of your schedule – Fundamentals of Time Management
  15. Personal Management – Making time for it all
  16. When the deadline is looming: Creativity and Problem-solving in a Crunch!
  17. Governance – Board roles, responsibilities and more!
  18. Quality Management: Embedding quality into organization programs and projects
  19. Risk Management – Part 1: Fundamentals
  20. Risk Management – Part 2 – Strategy and Enterprise Risk Management
  21. Procurement: How to's of writing requests for proposals and evaluating techniques
  22. Don't just manage change – Lead it!: Achieving Success in Constant Change!
  23. Leadership is Action: Create your leadership style!
  24. Key Pillars to Effective Orientation and Onboarding (for staff or Boards)
  25. Productive Workplaces: Positive Work Culture Drives Success!
  26. Other Customizable Topics Include:
    Board Governance Framework Development
    Transitioning from a ‘working' to policy Board
    Organizational, Professional and Leadership Management and Development