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Valmore Consulting wants to provide the most efficient and cost-effective service to your organization. To do this we need to get to know you better! In understanding your organization we can provide an accurate, free, no-obligation quote for bookkeeping services.

Simply complete the questionnaire. It takes only 5 - 10 minutes and will help us learn about your organization and provide a free, no-obligation quote!

I'm not sure - looking for options
I do our own books, just need some assistance
We need clean up first - then ongoing services
Weekly Services
Monthly Services
Quarterly Services
Annual Services
Other and Comments ie. how many months of clean-up required

Bank Reconciliations
Credit Card Reconciliations
Entering Bills
Entering Customer Invoices
Entering Receipt of Payments and Deposits
Merchant Statements Reconciliation
Paying Bills
Payroll Once Weekly - entering from a third-party provider
Payroll Bi-Weekly - entering from a third-party provider
Payroll Once Monthly - entering from a third-party provider

Accrued monthly entries ie. deferred revenue, accured expenses
Budget - entering and results performance reporting
Customized reporting ie. A/R aging, deposit detail, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet
Provincial Tax reporting
GST reporting
Investment account reconciliation
Paypal (or other) account reconciliation
Class or inventory tracking
Job, project or program costing
Restricted/unrestricted not-for-profit accounting
Year-end forms and filing assistance

I need PST filings
I need GST filings
No tax filings are needed
Monthly filings
Quarterly filings
Annual filings
Our accounting file is set up for sales tax and is clean
Our accounting file is set up for sales tax and is a mess
Our accounting file is not set up for sales tax but needs to be
We file our sales tax online
We file our sales tax manually
We use on-line banking exclusively
We use a mixture of both on-line banking downloads and manual entry
We enter everything manually

Do you need bank accounts, credit cards or loan accounts reconciled on a monthly basis. If so, how many bank accounts, credit cards or loan accouns do you have?

Accounts Payable report
Accounts Receivable report
Balance Sheet report
Profit & Loss report
Budget to Actual report
Job, project or program costing report
Statement of cash flows
No reports needed

Cash basis accounting system
Accrual basis accounting system
I don't know

A little messy
Very messy

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